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Nikon L35AWAF - Mk01

Nikon L35AWAF - Mk02

Nikon L35AWAF - Mk03

Nikon L35AWAF - Mk04

Nikon L35AWAF - Mk05

Nikon L35AWAF - Mk06

The Nikon L35AWAF (also known as Action-Touch) was a compact camera for 35mm film, introduced as part of the L series, by Nikon in 1986. It was a heavy duty model in various colours that could be submerged in 3m of water. A version with an autodate function was called the L35AWAD.

A masterly stroke by some genius at Nikon Japan has enabled Nikon’s first underwater P&S compact camera to be realized in 1986. This all-weather (AW) Nikon L35AW AF compact has a sleek, colourful & stylish look. Basically, it was a combination in using the popular L35 AF compact with Nikon’s experience in developing underwater cameras to enable this P&S compact to take pictures up to approx. 3m underwater. The focusing on land is autofocus but it has to be operate manually underwater. The lens was the same, Nikon 35mm f/2.8.

  • 1. The L35 AW AF is not NOISY. This is because of all the heavy rubber gaskets. The film advance screech is mellowed to a gentle whir.
  • 2. Underwater cameras can’t use the auto focus. With this model one can pre-set the focus with the dial on the top.
  • 3. The flash doesn’t pop-up unless you want it to. This allows a user to take advantage of the lovely f2.8 aperture and the slowest shutter time of 2 seconds (despite what the manual specs say – which say 1/8 sec).
  • 4. And, you can do the opposite, if you like force flashing. Just flip the switch and it’s on no matter how bright it is outside. I used to have to trigger the flash by sticking it inside a bag and take a light reading.


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