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Kokopelli is one of the most intriguing and widespread images surviving from ancient Anasazi Indian culture. He is depicted as a humpbacked flute player, and is widely believed to bring well-being to the people. He was the one who would change the seasons and bring about a good harvest. Almost universally however, he was regarded as a harbinger of fertility, assuring success in hunting, growing crops, and human conception.

The Anasazi, who were first to claim Kokopelli, were primarily farmers who grew corn, beans, and squash on the Colorado Plateau. They regarded Kokopelli as a fertility symbol and he was always welcomed during corn planting season. A visit from Kokopelli insured that a good harvest was in store.

According to Navajo legend, Kokopelli was the God of Harvest and Plenty, a benign minor god who brought abundant rain and food to people. The Zuni also regarded him as a Rain Priest, able to make it rain at will. Others regarded him as a Spiritual Priest with actual healing powers. Many different legends exist about what Kokopelli actually carried in his sack. In Pueblo myths, he carried seeds, babies, and blankets.

Kokopelli embodied everything pure and spiritual about music. He and his magical flute traveled from village to village bestowing gifts and spreading cheer to all whom he visited. His flute was said to symbolize happiness and joy. When he played his flute, the sun came out, the snow melted, grass began to grow, birds began to sing, and all the animals gathered around to hear his songs. His flute music soothed the Earth and made it ready to receive his seed. The magic of his flute was also thought to stimulate creativity and help good dreams come true.

Artist: Luc Paquin

Year: 2017 (July)

Art: Sculpture

Length: 7.5″ – 185 mm
Width: 12″ – 300 mm
Height: 0.25″ – 8 mm

Media: Wood Alder and Tung Oil

Tools: Shapeoko 3

A piece of Wood Alder custom unique handmade. The perfect statement will add flare to any look with unique handcrafted designer.

100% Wood Alder Unique Handmade.
Ready to ship within 1-2 week.

Price: Message or Contact

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