La Conception, Quebec, 2002

APEL Trois Montagnes 5 Mk06

Year: 2002

11″ x 8.5″

Media: Canon® Pro Platinum High Gloss Photo Paper

Printers: Canon® PIXMA


Art: Photo

Artist: Luc Paquin

Lac des Trois Montagnes, La Conception, Quebec

APEL des Trois Montagnes

The APEL des Trois Montagnes, with the support of the Municipality of La Conception, has also contributed to the preservation of our lake. It is therefore important to support your association.The longterm preservation of the lake is everyone’s business. Your support and involvement are important, including your annual fee – thank you.


Once on the ground, snow can be categorized as powdery when light and fluffy, fresh when recent but heavier, granular when it begins the cycle of melting and refreezing, and eventually ice once it comes down, after multiple melting and refreezing cycles, into a dense mass called snow pack. When powdery, snow moves with the wind from the location where it originally landed, forming deposits called snowdrifts that may have a depth of several meters. After attaching itself to hillsides, blown snow can evolve into a snow slab an avalanche hazard on steep slopes.


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